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Format: 11/08/2020

Working Holiday Program in New Zealand - For people aged 18 to 30.


Are you planning to travel abroad with a Working Holiday Visa? You are a true backpacker but you want a safe travel, with total peace of mind, and the assurance of finding a job on site? 

We offer you the opportunity to discover New Zealand! 


Working Holiday Visa: What is it? 

The Working Holiday Visa offers a unique opportunity to travel the world freely and at an affordable cost. You can choose:

  • The length of your stay
  • Your destination

We can help you find a job on site to finance your stay. 


Top 5 reasons to choose New-Zealand for your WHP: 

1. Magnificent and diverse sceneries

In the midst of the Pacific Ocean, New-Zealand is also known as the "Land of the Long White Cloud", from the translation of its Maori name: "Aoteaora". It is famous for being the location for many films, such as The Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit or Avatar. Its landscape diversity allows you to change the scenery in only a few hours. From fine sand beaches to glaciers and volcanos, fjords mix with lakes, mountains, rivers and forests. 

2. Sheep

You cannot miss them, they are everywhere! They have become an important part of the New Zealand landscapes and have almost become a national landmark. With good reason: there are more sheep than inhabitants! But don't worry - it is not the only animal you will have the chance to admire: New Zealand shelter a rich and diversified fauna, that its people care about preserving. 

3. Sport

You won't be able to avoid rugby and New Zealand's world-famous rugby team: The All Blacks, which will awaken passion for this game in the less sporty among you. Generally, sport is an integral part of the New Zealand culture, along with rugby, but also cricket, field hockey, skiing or extreme sports such as bungee jumping, parachute jump or paragliding. 

4. The hospitality of the local population and the richness of the Polynesian culture

Kiwis, as the inhabitants of New Zealand are nicknamed, are known to be very warm and welcoming people. Like Australians, New Zealanders are quite relaxed in coping with everyday problems. They have inherited the Polynesian culture and the Maori traditions, which are very important to them. 

5. The strong demand for labour

New Zealand, which suffers from a serious labour deficit, seeks to attract foreign workers - and that means nunerous employment opportunities for youngsters!

In short: New Zealand is the perfect destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Less populated than Australia, it will allow you to live greater immersion, with less competition to find a job. 


It is recommended to have a good level of English (B1) to attend to a WHP in New Zealand.

Participants must have a Working Holiday Visa. Before leaving, make sure you have a passport which is valid 6 months after your return date.


Price: 345€ + 150€ of administrative fee + 23€ of annual individual membership.