Operational Internship in Edimburg

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Format: 11/08/2020

Operational Internship in Edimburg

Aged 17 and looking for a valuable experience abroad?

Any registration for a stay between 23/12/2019 and 02/01/2020 can not be validated. Only programs starting before 23/12/2019 and from 03/01/2020 will be insured. Each registration that occurs during this period will either be refunded or rescheduled.


A unique opportunity to expand your skills abroad

Are you in your early hihger education, with knowledge of English? Are you looking for an experience abroad within an English-speaking company? Don't look any further, you've come at the perfect place!

This is the opportunity to immerse yourself int a new corporate culture and acquire brand new skills. You will surely increase your level of English. Let yourself be guided by our fantastic team of experts in prospecting. Find your dream internship thanks to our great company partners network.

What does the operational internship in Edimburg option entail?

Once your online preregistration for your operational internship in Edimburg is validated, we will agree on a time for a Skype interview. We care about getting to know you more, so we can define a project that is 100% you and better adapt our search.

Your selection interview

1-Discuss the feasibility of your project

Please do let us know what missions you want to do and in which sector you are hoping to intern within, it is hihgly likely we work with businesses from those sectors and can find you a quick placement. The CEI team knows how important the needs and requirements of our participants are, that's why together, we will detail the roles that you wish you carry out during your internship.

2-Carry out an advanced assessment of your profile

Our fantastic experienced consultants know by heart the demands of every company and sector. With the information you'll provide them in addition, they will be able to highlight every worthy aspect of your professional profile. We will assess your level of English to find the perfect balance between your experiences, your language level and the requirements of our partner companies.

Enhancement of your CV

The British format of a CV is far different from the French standards, that's why we will give advice to write and adapt your CV to the Scottish labour market. This will also enable you to prepare yourself for job interviews.

Prospecting and Placement

Our team will fully take in charge the search for your internship until they secure your placement. No panic, we will negotiate for you the interviews and conditions of the internship. We will also keep you informed on our progress of our search. We never give up until we have fulfilled our mission.

Coaching and Advice

When we secure an interview with our partner companies, we will contact you to coach you before each interview. As someone new to a sector of work, you can expect on-the-job training to help you learn about the role and increase your chances of quickly finding an internship abroad.

Monitoring of your Stay

The CEI is proud to offer customised support after you have obtained your internship. The fantastic person who carried out your placement will be your contact and will be available to answer your questions and offer solutions throughout your stay.


Proposed fields of activity

  • Accountancy
  • Administration
  • Computing IT
  • Hospitality/Catering
  • Marketing
  • Sales