End-of-Studies Internship in Edimburg

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Format: 11/08/2020

End-of-Studies Internship in Edimburg

Aged 18 and looking for the dream end of studies internship?

Any registration for a stay between 23/12/2019 and 02/01/2020 can not be validated. Only programs starting before 23/12/2019 and from 03/01/2020 will be insured. Each registration that occurs during this period will either be refunded or rescheduled.


The first stone building your career path

Are you a graduating student with a B2 level of English, looking for an internship to face new challenges and develop your skills and perspectives? Don't look any further, we have the perfect programme for you! Our End-of-Studies internship programme guarantees you an in-company placement from 6 months to a gap year.

You will have a crucial impact on the company's activity with major roles. That way, you will also expand your skills, your corporate culture and level of English. A broadened business vocabulary and an insight into the British work environment are sure to give all candidates an advantage when looking for future roles.

Keep in mind that depending on your motivation and your involvement, you may receive a job proposition at the end of your internship. We know how crucial the impact of this kind of internship on a future career path is, that's why we all treat applications differently, to find the best internship matching your profile. 

What does the End-of-Studies Internship in Edimburg option entail?

Once your online preregistration for your End-of-Studies internship in Edimburg is validated, we will agree on a time for a Skype interview to discuss your project and assist you in its implementation.

Your Selection Interview

1-Discuss the feasibility of your project

Our expert consultant will question you about your previous professional experiences and your university course. Every application is different depending on which roles and academic constraints the student has. Don't worry, we will take that in consideration at 100%.

2-Carry out an advanced assessment of your profile

Our consultants will examine your profile, your level of English and its main assets to adapt them to the real needs of the market and employers. At the CEI, we have an excellent placement process, which matches internships to your CV, career perspectives and needs. We care about giving you the most suitable position, so you can shape your skills and better explore your chosen career path.

Enhancement of your CV

So as to increase the impact of your research, we will give you useful advice to redesign and write your CV in accordance with the british standards. Doing that will also enable you to prepare yourself for the future job interviews.

Prospecting and Placement

After we find the best match between  your expectations and the feasibility of your project, our research can start. We will specifically target the companies which are likely to best match your profile and provide you a suitable working environment. You don't need to worry about the recruitment interview, the terms of your internship and the compensation, we take care of everything.

Coaching and Advice

We also have an expertise in coaching students before interviews. We will be crystal clear about the company, our partner and we will also coach you on adopting the best behaviour during interviews. This is the most successful way to quickly secure your placement.

Monitoring of your Stay

Th fantastic person who carried out your placement will be your contact and will be available throughout the stay to answer any question you would have. We will help you make this internship the landmark of your future professional career.


Proposed fields of activity

  • Accountancy
  • Administration
  • Computing IT
  • Hospitality/Catering
  • Marketing
  • Sales